Festival Scores reduces the total cost of honor group auditions.

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Festival Scores has managed over 50,600 audition entries.

Festival Scores is a web-based audition management solution for honor bands, choirs, jazz bands, and orchestras which can accommodate any combination of voices, instruments, rubrics, media, and judges. It is used at all levels, elementary through collegiate. This software was designed by an MEA state webmaster with 20+ years of experience in honor ensemble administration for over 2,000 rosters representing over a quarter-million students. Put that experience to work for your honor group today!

Audition Event Set-up
  • Assigns scoring rubric and AV profile
  • Assigns judges
  • Spends much less time organizing auditions!
  • Assign students and upload audition recordings
  • Files can be played back immediately after uploading
  • Add/delete audition files as needed
  • Review and listen to entries
  • Cannot see student name/school
  • Audio file names are encrypted and hidden from judges
  • Enter rubric category scores
Tabulation & Roster
  • Chairperson reviews scores and selects the final roster
  • Roster is published

“Our District tested the software last year for a couple of groups and has now started using Festival Scores for all of our recorded audition processes. The directors are absolutely, unequivocally happy with this software. If your honor groups are not using this process to audition your students then I highly urge you to look into the software. It is super affordable and extremely streamlined and well thought out. The ability for our directors to judge auditions blindly and in their own comfort is invaluable!”
Brandon Wade, former president – Southwest Kansas MEA
“As a director, I found the Festival Scores system to be an easy, time-saving process compared to the one that we used before.”
Stacey Williams, former president – Northwest Kansas MEA
System features include:
  • Design your rubrics
  • Design your audio or video media requirements
  • Grade Level enforcement
  • Optional student fields enforcement (height, shirt size, etc)
  • Coming soon! - Custom questions: build your own Q&A sets for each audition event (ie, All-District, All-State, college recruiting, etc)
  • Guided interface for sequential media file uploading - helps directors properly upload media files
  • Directors may allow students to upload their own media files, which saves time for the director.
  • Instant playback - directors can test media files immediately after uploading
  • Blind judging of audio entries
    • Judges cannot see student names, schools, director names
    • Audio file names are encrypted for further security
  • Remote judging by participating directors or other invited judges. (Using a tablet w/ earbuds, a judge once scored auditions from Kansas while relaxing at a quiet beach in Oregon.)
  • Annotated scoring w/ flags for chair review
  • Automated tie-break component
  • Rapid review and roster selection
  • Multiple methods for roster publication
    • FS can generate static HTML code for your site
    • Your site can link to a roster page in FS
    • Embed from FS to your site using PHP cURL - XML and SSE formats in development
    • Generate local file copy from Data Reports
  • Payment Tracking
    • Audition Invoices
    • Participation Invoices
    • Integrated PayPal links
    • Manage payment records in Admin and Fee Manager portals
    • Automated payment receipts for Directors
  • CSV Data Reports for local archiving - XLSX formats in development
    • Director Info
    • School Info
    • Payment Ledger
    • Raw Entry Data
    • Scoring Data
    • Roster Data
    • Shirt Size Reports - Shirt size checklist per school
  • Direct tech support provided by an MEA state webmaster with 20+ years of experience in honor group administration involving nearly 2,000 rosters
Organizations using Festival Scores include the following:
California Music Educators Association - Central Coast Section
Middle School Band
Middle School Orchestra
High School Band
High School Orchestra
Middle School Choir
Colorado Music Educators Association (CMEA)
Colorado Middle All State Choir
Southwest Iowa Bandmasters Association
High School Jazz Band
Kansas Bandmasters Association
KS Intercollegiate Band
Kansas Choral Directors Association
Treble Honor Choir
All-State Tenor Bass Choir
All-State Soprano Alto Choir
All-State Jazz Choir
Kansas John Philip Sousa Junior Honor Band
KS JP Sousa Jr Honor Band
Kansas Music Educators Association
All-State Middle Level Choir
All-State Elementary Choir
North Central Kansas Music Educators Association
Middle Level Band
High School Jazz Band
Middle Level Choir
Northwest Kansas Music Educators Association
High School Band
Junior High Band
High School Jazz Band
NW/SW Kansas Music Educators Association
NW/SW High School Orchestra
Southeast Kansas Music Educators Association
Middle School Band
High School Orchestra
Southwest Kansas Music Educators Association
High School Band
High School Jazz Band
Middle School Band
Middle School Choir
Middle School Orchestra
Lewis and Clark Conference
Honor Band
North Carolina
North Carolina Music Educators Association
NC Intercollegiate Honor Band
Elementary Honors Chorus
UNC Wilmington
Honor Band Festival
South Carolina
South Carolina Music Educators Association Elementary Division
Elementary Honor Choir