About Festival Scores

Festival Scores is a web-based audition management solution for honor groups and ensembles in the area of music education. This system can be used to organize mp3 auditions, judging, and placement results for honor bands, choirs, jazz bands, and orchestras. Other than updated web browsers, no software needs to be installed by you or your participating directors!

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“Our District tested the software last year for a couple of groups and has now started using Festival Scores for all of our recorded audition processes. The directors are absolutely, unequivocally happy with this software. If your honor groups are not using this process to audition your students then I highly urge you to look into the software. It is super affordable and extremely streamlined and well thought out. The ability for our directors to judge auditions blindly and in their own comfort is invaluable!”
Brandon Wade, former president – Southwest Kansas MEA

Audition Process

  • Audition Event Set-up
    • Chair creates event
    • Chair assigns scoring rubric
    • Directors join event
    • Chair assigns judges
  • Uploads (a window of time for directors)
    • Uploads begin
    • Directors assign students and upload audition files
    • Directors may add/delete audition files as needed during this window of time
    • Uploads end
  • Judging (A window of time for judges)
    • Judging begins
    • Judges score entries based on the assigned rubric
    • Judges can re-listen/re-score any entry as needed
    • Directors submit audition fees (if required)
    • Judging ends
  • Tabulation
    • Chair reviews scores & accounts for fees
    • Final adjudication & determinations
  • Final Roster
    • Roster published
    • Directors can submit participation fees (if required)
  • Make Music!
“As a director, I found the Festival Scores system to be an easy, time-saving process compared to the one that we used before.”
Stacey Williams, former president – Northwest Kansas MEA

— record their students' auditions to mp3 format
— upload the audition recordings

Judges will…
— login and listen to the auditions
— score the auditions using a rubric set up by the audition organizer

Judges will not…
— know who they are listening to
— have access to any identifying information for each entry

Event Organizers
— review scoring and select the final roster with point-&-click ease
— spend much less time organizing the audition process!

If you are interested in reducing the administrative cost and time requirement of auditioning and selecting musicians to your honor ensemble, consider the benefit of using the Festival Scores audition management system.

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Festival Scores was designed by a former music educator. It was modeled after a simple audition system custom-built for the Kansas Music Educators Association to manage entries for the KMEA All-State Middle Level and Elementary Choirs. Many elements of the original design can be found in Festival Scores, however, this system is much more flexible in that it can handle almost any combination of ensembles, voices, instruments, rubrics, and judges. Festival Scores is now used throughout KMEA for managing recorded auditions at the state and district levels.

System Adoption

Festival Scores is in use or under consideration in the highlighted states.
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