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Festival Scores is an audition management solution for honor bands, choirs, jazz bands, and orchestras. Other than updated web browsers, no other software is needed!

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Festival Scores has managed over 43,400 individual auditions for bands, choirs, jazz bands, and orchestras.
With Festival Scores, auditions, judging, and roster selection can be handled online saving time and money. Directors and students are not faced with a long bus ride for an audition that lasts only a few minutes. Judges listen to audition entries from remote locations. The host organization and chairperson can focus more attention and budget on the honor festival experience! Learn more
Auditions are a necessary part of every successful honor group. Musicians are evaluated and the best are selected.
In the past directors mailed in audition tapes or CDs, hopeful for their safe arrival. The Chairperson then organized the material, sometimes hundreds of CDs, to prepare for judging.
With Festival Scores, participating directors simply post their students' audition recordings. Judges listen and score entries from the comfort of their own office or home.
The Chairperson reviews the scores and assigns selected performers. A roster can be published immediately after completing the selections.
Introducing FestivalAuditions.com, a site for managing score tabulation at live auditions. Judges enter scoring data from each audition room directly into the system from their mobile devices. Final tabulation at the end of the day is reduced significantly! The chairperson can export scoring data to local spreadsheet files with just a few clicks. If you are an ensemble chair for a live auditioned honor group, fill out our Contact form for more info.