Enter Audition System

Audition Management for Honor Ensembles

Do you need an affordable audition judging solution for your honor ensemble? Is your organization still paying mileage and per diem for judges to travel to a central location to listen to tapes or CD recordings? Would you rather save time and money? Then consider the Festival Scores audition management system.


Auditions are a necessary part of every successful honor group. Musicians are evaluated and the best are selected for performance.


The old way of doing things was to mail in audition tapes or CDs, causing stress for teachers worrying if their material arrived and chairpersons organizing hundreds of CDs & applications.

Record to mp3

With Festival Scores, your participating directors simply upload their students' audition recordings. Judges can listen to and score entries from the comfort of their own office or home.

Get results!

The Honor Group Chairperson reviews the scores and assigns selected performers. The final roster can be published online immediately after completing the selections.